Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Promote Your Work at Home Business with Online Social Networks

Using social network sites to promote your online business or professional profile is a smart way for you to build business relationships and introduce yourself in online communities. When embarking on a new business or working as a freelance professional from home, it is a great way to let others know your skills, experiences and professional abilities and achievements. It is also a tool to build professional references.

Social Networking Sites LinkedIn

  • Online network that has over 25 million professional members from around the world
  • Free profile provides access to build relationships with many professional colleagues
  • Paid memberships provide additional tools and resources
  • Can find potential clients or professionals
  • Seeking out passive candidates for job listings
  • Post and distribute job openings
  • Get introduced to other professionals
  • LinkedIn’s philosophy is, "Relationships matter."


  • Social network used to connect with friends, classmates, and work-related professionals based on regional areas
  • Free membership (a valid email address is the only criteria needed)
  • Networks are organized in groups such as companies, regions or schools
  • Networks and communities reflecting "real life" interests
  • Different applications available that highlight experiences and professional abilities
  • Privacy settings allow profiles to be seen only by confirmed friends


  • Social online site that aids in networking and connecting to other professionals
  • Free networking-oriented home page provided to each member
  • Ability to send messages to other members and build networks based on interests, industry and locations
  • Paid members have access to more advanced options
  • The name "Ryze" comes from the notion of people "rising up" through creating and becoming part of quality networks


  • Hosts a large online address book that is now viewable through a "Pulse" account
  • "Dashboard" that includes a view of contacts and information as to what they are sharing, uploading and blogging about on the web
  • Great way to build a professional social network, while remaining in compliance with the privacy policy of the Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web
When you are working from home you want to market yourself and your skills in as many ways possible in the online community and promoting yourself and your skills on social network sites is a great way to do it.

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