Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Work at Home Using Freelance Websites

Freelance Websites

While establishing yourself as a freelancer in the field of your expertise, one way to start working from home and earning money is to work as an independent contractor on websites that are designed to host freelancing relationships. If you find other work at home opportunities, do research and check out consumer reports or the BBB Better Business Bureau to validate the legitimacy of the company that you are interested in.

List of 6 legitimate websites that host freelancer relationships are:

1.) Odesk Profiles are free. There are over 100 free multiple-choice type skills tests that allow buyers to see provider’s knowledge and level of skill. There are different service fees based on the ending project price and the pay for hourly work is guaranteed. This website is different in the fact that a provider is logged into the Odesk application the level of activity, screen shots and web cam shots are recorded. Odesk has been reviewed in the news and business articles and magazines due to its recent growth and popularity. PCMag If you are interested in working from

home, this is a great site that has been growing in numbers.

2.) eLance Basic profiles are free on eLance. The paid membership plans range from $9.95 to 39.95 per month. The more costly profiles include a higher quota of proposals in order to apply for jobs. The paid memberships also include free skills tests and the service fees depend on the membership plan.

3.) Freelance professionals with a free basic profile can bid on jobs through A basic free profile has limited options as far as job exposure and only includes 10 bids per month for jobs. The other profiles range from $29.95 – 129.94 on a quarterly basis and provide a higher amount of bids per profile, which can be reused every 30 days. The service fees are also different depending on the membership level.

4.) Rentacoder This website is for freelance software developers. A coder’s account is free, but the service costs a “rent a coder’s” fee of 15% of the final bid for the project.

5.) A global freelance website that specializes in Programmers, web designers, copywriters and translators, but also has some jobs in the data entry, bookkeeping, accounting, telemarketing and data processing areas. A basic account is free, but there is a commission for providers to pay on closed projects. Gold Members, which costs $12.00, do not have to pay commissions on projects and have a higher ranking in the bidding pool.

6.) Service is 100% free. Membership cost is between $4.69/month and 9.00/month.

In summary, there are many opportunities in order to freelance and work from home on the internet. Realize what site matches what you are looking for and create a professional profile.

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