Saturday, December 20, 2008

Make money working from home as an eBay Seller

If you are pursing the possibility of working from home then one avenue to take is to become an eBay seller. I started selling on eBay in February of 2001 and it was fairly simple to set up and get things running smoothly. There are so many help areas and resources that are available at both eBay and on the web that you should take advantage of them. Working from home jobs are not always data entry jobs or customer service jobs; keep an open mind and examine all of the options. Work at home jobs can include a multitude of things and eBay selling is one of them.

Look around your house. There are probably hundreds of items that you do not actually need nor want, but have purchase and they are practically brand new and have not been touched. Well, someone else can need or want these items. So provide a service and set up your home office and become a sales consultant on eBay.

Use eBay selling tips and research the internet to become knowledgeable in the area of selling on eBay before you start. There are so many great resources about eBay selling. Check out eBay information articles for a large amount of eBay information; especially if you are new to eBay and are eager to start selling.

When setting up your office in order to begin working at home as a seller on eBay, there are several lists that I find you should have printed out and hanging in your office space for quick reference. First, I suggest you print out a copy of the eBay rules for sellers. Second, definitely display a list of eBay seller fees for quick viewing. These fees will be helpful when you are determining your listing fee for an item. There are many resources on the eBay site that can be helpful in learning about the eBay selling process and will make your transition to becoming a great seller a smooth one.

Keep a couple things in mind when beginning to work from home as an eBay seller;

  1. Make a professional profile: Spend time on your profile and make it professional and gear it toward the type of items you will be selling. Add as much information as you can. No one wants to purchase items from someone they do not have enough information on.
  2. Listings: Spend time when listing your items. Take professional looking pictures that are clear and are a true representation of the item you are selling.
  3. Gain trust: Gain trust of buyers on eBay and grow your positive feedback. One way to gain trust from buyers is to be 100% truthful when listing the items; which includes the description and photo that represents the item for sale. Communicate with buyers in a fast and efficient manner.
  4. Perks for buyers: Offer different perks for buyers-free shipping, combined shipping if they want to buy multiple items from your auctions, gift sales and gift wrapping, returns policy etc.
  5. Be Professional: Ship out your sold item as quickly as possible after receipt of payment. If you want to receive positive feedback you must be quick and efficient with your eBay business.
  6. Auction information: If you decide to self your items on eBay using the auction option, then you must pay attention to the auction information. It can mean the difference of selling an item or not selling an item or even the exposure an item gets depending on the length of time or ending day of the week that you have set up your auction.

If you are looking into working from home and exploring all options and you have a knack for retail and customer service, definitely explore becoming a seller on eBay. Register for an eBay Seller account today.

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