Thursday, November 13, 2008

Expand your "Work at home" job Search with

Searching for work at home jobs and freelance jobs can be a full time job in itself. Working at home is a decision that is made for many reasons. Maybe you are a motivated "self starter" and can prioritize work tasks and balance work/home life in a healthy and productive way. Maybe you always thought that if you had a chance you would pass on the long commutes and endless expenses of fuel and car maintenance, parking expenses...the list is long. If you have made the decision to work at home you need to compile a list of tools that will help with search.

I have been working on compiling as much information and news that I come across in order to find the many opportunities that allow you to telecommute and work from home.

One of the simplest tools is I have added a jobroll of a "telecommute" keyword search from to this blog. At the time I searched for job title "telecommute" the listing included 6,951 jobs that were relevant with telecommute jobs. In your search, do not forget to continuously check the jobs that you can work from home at

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