Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Virtual Assistant Tool -Mobile Broadband with Virgin Mobile

In order to have a successful virtual assistant business, it is highly recommended to utilize many tools that are available that can help you run an efficient and streamlined "virtual" business. Hey there! If you are a virtual assistant, you know that you run into certain times when wi-fi is not available and you cannot find an internet connection to save your life. In order to save on the cost of paying a mobile broadband every month, a good option was introduced last year by Virgin Mobile. It is a mobile broadband plan that is, "Pay as you go." Purchase a broadband device at Virgin Mobile for $99.99 and pay for the internet usage that you need in increments of your choice. Plans start at $10.00-500 mb that expires in 10 days all the way up to $60.00 - 1 GB that expires in 30 days. Check out the mobile broadband plans and see if they fit your needs. Most of the time wireless internet is available for me to use, but sometimes if I sneak away on vacation, this type of mobile broadband plan works for me. This is a great tool to add to your virtual assistant "must have" tools.