Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Accounting and Bookkeeping Professionals-Make Money Working from Home

Besides starting your own CPA firm or Bookkeeping business, there are several other options to work from home as an accounting professional. If you have a degree in Accounting or any other financial area, or have worked in the financial industry as a bookkeeper, accounting clerk, payroll assistant, AP/AR clerk, then consider the option of working at home online. Preparing your online professional portfolio is just as important as the resume sent out when seeking an “in-office” position. Listing achievements and attaching samples of completed relevant work are great additions to a portfolio, in order to supply proof of your experience and qualifications. Another way to prove to potential companies that you have the experience they need in order to be a top candidate for an accounting telecommuting position, is to take an online certification course in your area of expertise. Brainbench is a great website for testing credentials and proving competence. It will cost you a small sum, but in the long run it is worth its weight in gold.

Another way to prove your experience and skills is to work through a freelance website such as;, or These sites are a great way to showcase your portfolio and gain positive work feedback and experience all while proving you have the professionalism and focus to work without supervision from your home office.

There are several companies that hire financial professionals who are seeking work at home positions. Below is a list of some of them:

Balance Your Books:

Open positions:

Bookkeepers: AA degree or equivalent, 2 or more years bookkeeping experience, experience in data entry, payroll and A/P function, QuickBooks, MYOB, Peachtree and other accounting software knowledge.

CPA’s: CPA + 5 years prior public accounting experience, proven experience in managing a staff and QuickBooks, MYOB, Peachtree and other accounting software knowledge.

Bateman & Co., Inc., P.C.

Open Positions:

Telecommuting Staff Accountants: CPA required, 3 years prior public accounting experience, must own computer and have fast internet connection. Primary duties will be to prepare individual, partnership and corporate tax returns, review accounting records, make adjustments necessary to prepare tax returns.

JDS Professional Group

Open Positions: Denver, Colorado based CPA firm

Audit Manager

Tax Manager

Tax Senior Entry Level Tax Professionals Bookkeeper/Accounting Paraprofessional Part-Time Recruiting and Marketing Professional

Firm seeking individuals who have extensive knowledge of information systems and the effect

Perks: work-life balance

Please see website for additional information about qualifications.

OSI Business Services, LLC

Open positions:

Bookkeepers who work from home, full-time basis


Bookkeeping experience-4 or more years

A/R A/P and payroll experience

QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB and other accounting software

Home office-with dsl or cable internet connection

Able to work 8 hours per day-uninterrupted

High-level of organization and computer skills

Tad Accounting

Open positions:

CPA Manager- CPA license, Bachelor’s degree and related experience to job description qualifications

Bookkeeper Specialist- 2 or more years experience in Bookkeeping, prepares tax returns required, related education a plus, G/L A/P and payroll experience required.


Open positions:

Accountant-4 year college degree preferably in business or accounting, 5 years experience, g/l software experience, home office with high speed internet connection, car to travel and meet with local clients and must be available to work normal business hours.

Click Accounts

Open positions: Seeking Accounting and Bookkeeping experienced individuals.

Dotun and Casserly

Open positions:

Bookkeeper (part-time)

Bookkeeper Full Charge (part-time)

Accounting Manager (part-time)

Tax Preparer (part-time)

Email resume and salary requirements through website.

Virtual Accountants

Open positions:

Recruiting qualified candidates who are interested in working as Virtual Accountants

If you are interested in securing a work from home job and have credentials and experience in the specialized field of accounting and bookkeeping, pursue these tips and websites for helpful leads and information.Telecommuting is a growing trend in the financial industry and is expected to continue growing because of the benefits and pool of qualified candidates that employers are exposed to.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Accolade Support-Technical Support Agents -work at home jobs

If you previously have experience in working at a help desk or you are very versed in technical support and have customer service skills, this could be the work at home position that you have been looking for. Accolade Support is a 100% US based privately owned company and they are seeking to fill remote agent positions with their company.

The position currently listed is:

Technical Support Agent-this is a 100% telecommuting position working as a PC Desktop Support Agent. Customer service skills and enjoyment of speaking with people via the phone are both two important keys to your personality.

The position is an independent contractor position that has both full-time and part-time available. Compensation for this position is $10.00-$12.00 per hour.



(1) Technical-ability to desktop trouble shoot, resolve internet connectivity issues and support software applications by providing training.

(2) Sales skills-ability to sell a wide range of products and services to inbound callers.

(3) Customer Service Skills: Authentic desire to assist customers and being able to handle a broad range of client issues with a successful outcome.

(4) Must pay attention to detail.

(5) US based telephone number-landline –no cells or VOIP phones

(6) Corded phone set with headset

(7) PC with Windows XP or Vista and fast internet connection

(8) US resident

(9) Quiet location to be able to take calls with no interruptions

(10) Proof of legal right to work in US and be able to pass background check

If this position sounds like it fits your skills set and qualifications, apply today in order to begin working at home.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Work at Home Medical Transcription Jobs and Information

Do you have experience and/or certification in medical transcription? Now is the time to explore a possibility of working from home as a medical transcriptionist. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate for medical transcription jobs will be increasing by 14% between the years of 2006 and 2016, due to the rising numbers of our aging population in the US. There is also an advantage of working in the medical transcription field, because there are fewer jobs outsourced overseas due to the need of meeting US standards in English grammar and spelling and ability to transcribe medical documents.
If you are interested in working at home and do not have experience in medical transcription, consider taking online certification courses for medical transcription.
List of 36 Companies that Hire Work at Home Medical Transcriptionists
Here is a list of websites that I have found that either hire you or find companies that are recruiting medical transcriptionists who work from home. Recruits for Northern California positions as well as work from home medical transcription jobs.
Requirements: Minimum of 2 years medical transcription experience, but graduate from approved transcription schools may be considered. Must be able to transcribe 1,000 lines per scheduled day.
Benefits: Flexible scheduling, positive work environment, consistent primary accounts and peer network of transcriptionists.
Absolute Transcription: Company hires for medical transcription work at home positions.
Requirements: Two years clinic or acute care experience, must pass qualifying test in order to be hired, independent contractor positions, $50.00 fee for software to purchase in order to access system and will be refunded after 6 months of work, must live in the US, please check website for other hardware requirements.
Accurate Typing Services, Inc.: Company located in the New York area that has been operating since 1978. Accurate Typing Services hires medical transcriptionists for both on-site and off-site positions.
Requirements: Two years experience in acute care terminology, excellent grammar and spelling, broad medical terminology background and a good transcription speed.
Amphion Medical Solutions: Requirements: At least 2 years experience –hospital inpatient transcribing “Basic Four” or two years of clinic experience transcribing all specialties, US resident, these are employee positions-not independent contractors and must pass transcription skills assessment test.
Ascott Transcription Services: Great benefit package for regular employees, always accept applications online and you may have to pass a transcription skills test in order to qualify.
DTS- Digital Transcription Services: In-house and home based medical transcription jobs available. DTS offers great benefits package for regular employees, paid training, flexible scheduling, referral bonuses and more.
Execuscribe, Inc. : Hiring home-based medical transcriptionists. There is an online skills assessment test upon registering with this site. Requirements: 3-5 years experience and the positions they are seeking to fill require you are interested in committing to transcribing 6,000 lines per week.
Applied Medical Services, Inc.: Seeking independent contractors working from home as medical transcriptionists. Requirements: 2 years or more of full-time medical transcribing in clinic or hospital setting. There are 2 competency tests that must be taken in order to qualify for employment: (1) medical language/terminology exam and (2) typing skills test.
First Choice Medical Transcription Services: Hiring independent contractors for at home medical transcription positions. Requirements: At least 5 years acute care hospital experience and must be US resident. Check website for more information.
Focus Infomatics, Inc.: Seeking work at home medical transcriptionists who have 2 or more years experience in the field.
Gilbert Medical Transcription Service: Hiring Full and part-time medical transcriptionists who work from home. Requirements: 3 years acute care experience on and on-going basis. Must pass a series of diction tests with GMTS QA guidelines. Please see website for benefits available to full time employees after 90-days of employment.
IMedx, Inc.: Hiring work at home, US medical transcriptionists. Requirements: at least 4 years experience working in a hospital medical records department.
JLG Medical Transcription Services: Seeking full or part-time, employee or independent contractor medical transcriptionists that work from home. Requirements: 2 consecutive years experience in acute care transcription and US resident. Please see website for additional information regarding shifts and benefits for full-time employees.
Key Strokes Transcription Services: Looking to hire work at home highly qualified medical transcriptionists. Requirements: 3 or more years’ full time experience that is verifiable in medical transcription. Additional requirements are 98% accuracy, great grammar and listening skills and US resident.
Lee Perfect Transcription Corporation: Requirements: 3 or more years experience in clinical or hospital setting.
MedGrade: Seeking at home medical transcription employees. Pay is production based and per line. Requirements: proof of graduation from medical transcription training program prior to hire also transcriptionists with 3 years work experience with medical transcription, as primary role will be considered.
Medigrafix: Looking to hire work at home medical transcriptionists with a paid per line payment system with bonuses when exceeding production goals. There are also referral bonuses for finding new clients. Requirements: completion of medical terminology courses, experience of at least 3-5 years of clinical or hospital transcription services and AAMT certification a plus.
Medquist: Requirements: Must have 1-year experience as a medical transcriptionist or be a recent graduate of an AAMT certified transcription program. See website for other available positions.
Medware, Inc.: Must posses 3 years of medical transcription experience in a hospital or service environment. Medware, Inc. has been named in the Top 100 companies for working families in Central Florida for four consecutive years. There are benefits available for full-time employees after a 90-day orientation period.
Medical Transcription Corporation: Home based medical transcriptionists must have at least 3 years experience of medical transcription experience for a medical transcription service or in a hospital or clinic setting. At least one week of paid training to all transcriptionists. There are other opportunities available, please see website.
MxSecure: Requirements: Must have at least 2 years experience as a medical transcriptionist within the last 5 years, have knowledge of medical language, anatomy, physiology, disease processes, pharmacology, laboratory medicine, and the internal organization of medical reports and excellent English grammar and punctuation.
Oracle Transcription, Inc.: This is a great company to work for in the medical transcription field. They offer a “set your own hours” schedule, benefits for full-time employees and at home training over the phone. Requirements: US Residents with 3-5 years experience in medical records, knowledge of medical terminology and current drugs, excellent grammar and punctuation skills with 98% accuracy.
Phoenix Medcom, Inc.: Requirements: of 3 years experience in Ops and Discharges, with acute care facility/teaching institution/production environment experience essential. Also require a minimum of 600 lines per day. You will have to take an online test in order to access transcription skills.
Preferred Physician's Transcription: Requirements: Must have completed an on-line course in medical transcription and has passed the final exam with at least 92%. Work experience should be 2 years in a full time acute care setting and must be available for work 6-8 hours per day for 5 days each week.
RI Transcription Solutions: Looking to hire medical transcriptionists who work from home as independent contractors. Must have experience and pass two online tests to demonstrate skills and abilities. Also, must be a US resident.
Spectra Medi: Seeking to fill work at home full or part-time positions for medical transcriptionists. Experience required and certification is a plus in obtaining a position.
Spheris: Requirements: Must have experience in one of the following fields: acute care, multi-specialty clinic, emergency room reports or radiology. Employment experience in medical transcription must have been in the last 5 years and you must be a US resident.
Superscript Medical Transcription: Requirements: must have at least 2 years experience in medical transcription, excellent computer skills, a transcription pedal and other hardware and software requirements.
Thomas Transcription Services, Inc.: Hiring independent work at home medical transcriptionists with at least 3 years experience in the field.
Transcend Services: Please see website for medical transcription positions available with this company.
Transhealth Medical Transcription: Seeking home based medical transcriptionists for a flexible schedule and productivity-based compensation. Requirements: A minimum of 2 years in acute care transcription experience or 3 years of radiology transcription experience. There are 2 exams that need to be passed with a high level of accuracy, (1) high level of medical knowledge exam and (2) transcription test typing sample reports.
TRS: Company is hiring medical transcriptionists at different levels. The level 1 Medical Transcriptionists must have at least 2 years experience in an acute setting. Please see website for additional information regarding other level position opportunities. There is a 2-part test that needs to be taken as a pre-screening for employment.
Trx Transcription, Inc.: Work from home positions as a medical transcriptionist with a minimum of 2 years in an acute medical setting.
Webmedx: Seeking at home medical transcriptionists with at least 2 years experience in an acute care setting.
Xpress Transcription, Inc.: Work at home medical transcription positions. Applicants should have at least two years' experience working in an acute-care, diagnostic radiology environment.