Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia Telecommuting Customer Service

For the past 10 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has been offering telecommuting to their employees. Out of 1,500 employees, at this time there are 289 that are working from home. Many of the telecommuting positions that BCBS of GA have at this time are in the claims processing department, but they are projecting to have openings in the Columbus office within the customer service department by the year of 2009.
There are marked benefits for both employees who work at home and also for their managers at Blue Cross. Through remote access systems, employees are monitored by they activity, by the amount of claims that are processed and when they log in and out of the system.
It is observed that the telecommuters are able to keep in touch with the main office through teleconferencing and there is a definite increase in productivity. One great benefit is even during bad weather telecommuters can still work. Due to the rising cost of fuel and the long commute hours and little or no flexibility with many jobs that only have on-site positions, working from home is a great option and decreases many instances that may can raise the occurrence of absenteeism.

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