Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work at Home as a Virtual Assistant

Are you currently working as an administrative or executive assistant? Do you have experience in office and administrative assistant services? Are you currently seeking a work at home job or telecommuting position? Do you have a motivated entrepreneurial personality and want to start your own business working at home? Now is the time to become a virtual assistant. In this wonderful age of technology and with a great amount of technical tools and resources, consider the option of working at home as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor or freelance professional who owns their own business and provides administrative assistant support to business professionals working mainly out of their own home.
Start off with creating your winning resume that highlights all of your educational and work experience and skills. Spend time on it as your resume will set you apart from the rest of applicants. There are many resources online in order to help you create a great resume and start your business.
When starting a virtual assistant business there are a couple of pointers to keep in mind before launching your business.
·Settle on what services you are going to provide? ·Take skills and assessment tests in order to clearly define what services you are qualified to offer. Also consider getting professionally certified as a virtual assistant. ·Join virtual assistant networks and affiliations. ·Seek out freelancing websites and create profiles in order to gain positive feedback and references working for business clients. This can also help you prove how versatile and motivated you are to working at home for yourself from a virtual office. ·Create a business plan. Outline all the goals that you hope to achieve and your virtual assistant company vision and types of services. Also include your financial plan and marketing strategies that you will be using. ·Start a professional virtual assistant website including credentials, availability, feedback, references and also propose the services you will be providing. Any good virtual assistant knows that in order to market yourself as a virtual assistant you must be technology savvy and up to date with the use of remote office tools. The website should be launched before you begin your practice, because this is clearly like an online resume and will be your biggest marketing tool.
The cost savings and benefits for businesses in hiring virtual assistants include:
·Not having to deal with lost commute time and less absenteeism ·Being able to select candidates from a larger pool of qualified professionals. Businesses do not have to look to hire from local applicants only because they can choose to work with virtual assistants who have just the right credentials that will fulfill the needs for their company. ·There is a smaller learning curve. If a business seeks to hire virtual assistants they are usually versed in the right areas of expertise when chosen. ·Savings include not having to provide office space, benefits to be provided and health insurance costs. ·Less time is lost when businesses choose to work with a virtual assistant because the time they pay for is time that is solely dedicated to their project. If you are interested in working from home and not seeking to start your own business consider applying at legitimate work from home companies that hire virtual assistants to work for them. List of companies that hire virtual assistants: VOT Virtual Office Temps TeamDoubleClick

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