Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work at Home Opportunities for Writers at

Writers can find great opportunities to work at home with exciting guide positions at

The 5 qualities that looks for in prospective guides on their site is:

writing ability, web formatting comprehension, expertise in topic, ambition to educate and passion about the topic they are writing about. If you have a passion about a particular topic and have done a tremendous amount of research on your own and have the mind-set and ability to educate others coupled with great writing skills then check out the application on

Guides at make a base pay of $675.00 every month for the first two years and must submit four articles every month with gaps that are less than 14 days in length between articles. Guides have a potential to make more money based on the number of page views their articles get.


imee said...

I've been a user of for years now, so applying to be a writer there would be such an honor. The base pay isn't that bad either!


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